5 tips for maximising the lead generation efforts of your firm

02 May 2023
If you’re a new or small legal firm trying to expand your client base and generate new leads, you may find our 5 tips for maximising your lead generation efforts useful.
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Telling your story: how to utilise your firm’s history

23 Mar 2023
Your firm’s history can play an important role in building relationships with current and prospective clients.
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5 ways your law firm can stand out with customer service

04 Jan 2023
IBP's Lexcel team have put together five ways in which law firms can improve client relationships and help increase customer satisfaction.
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Lexcel version 6.1 launched

01 Aug 2018
The latest update to the Lexcel Standard, version 6.1, comes into effect from 1st November 2018 with new requirements around GDPR and other regulations
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Diversity and Inclusion in UK Legal Firms

26 Jul 2018
Having a diverse workforce within your firm can have a positive impact on your bottom line, according a 2017 report by McKinsey & Company “Delivering through Diversity”.
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Law Society Annual Statistics Report reveals there are now more female than male practising solicitors

26 Jun 2018
The Law Society Annual Statistics Report 2017 has detailed trends regarding UK law firms and solicitors. We've outlined some of the key findings from the report.
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10 of the most influential law firms in the world today

06 Mar 2018
We’ve put together some information about 10 of the most prominent law firms founded and headquartered in 10 different countries from around the globe.
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Why legal firms should be doing something about GDPR right now

22 Sep 2017
It's no surprise that legal firms are a prime target for cyber criminals because of the amount and type of data they hold. All legal firms should therefore be aware that they will have to fully comply with the GDPR by 25 May 2018 or face severe and rigorously imposed financial penalties.
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